Welcome to my Website

This is my website, where you can find out more about me and my work I do. I study computer sience at the university of Bern. In my free time I work on stuff like this, either learning more about webdesign or programming.


Kammermann Holzbau AG

Desinging the website for the company "Kammermann Holzbau AG". Responsible for the support and hosting of the website.


Designing the website of WAREMAMA.ch, using one of the most popular WCMS's Wordpress and responsible for the hosting and support.


Completely self designed website, using thre Twitter Bootstrap library. There is still a lot I would like to add and use. Work in progress...

About me

Hello and welcome on my Website. My name is Remo Röthlisberger and I am a student at the university of Bern. I spend a lot of time on the internet, surfing through various websites and reading a lot of articles.

I am intrested in webdesign and programming. That is why, I started to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. At the moment I am learning to use the library Twitter Bootstrap, which is one reason I am making this website. I would like to provide responsive webdesign, since it is important, to have a nice webdesign on every device you might use.

If you need any advice on questions related to computer or internet problems as well as webdesign, feel free to contact me!

Contact me

Send me a message and get in touch with me. Or visit me on WAREMAMA.ch